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Salted Nuts

The only bad idea is an idea never fish-boned.

I am not particularly concerned about supernovas.

My home is east of the Pitcairn Islands, west of Mt. Assiniboine, north of the Gobi Desert, and south of Krakow.

[May 17 2004, last modified Jan 16 2007]

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 Crescent Moon with Star
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 Doorbell Monitor
(+3, -1) Half Width Plastic Wrap
 Inline Skateboard
(+1) Name Brand Cattle Brand
(+2) Organic plywood and OSB
(+4, -2) Positive Affirmation Parrot
(+18, -1)(+18, -1) Taco Roulette
(+1) The One-Way Drinking Straw
 Vibrating battery insert

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