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Darkroom Door Restroom

Developing New Restrooms
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While public restrooms along the street can be difficult to find, perhaps it is because the infrastructure is too expensive. With the advent of digital photography, there is probably an abundance of dark room doors on the secondary market. These doors could be used along the street for public restrooms...urinals may work best. A toilet mounted in the center of the revolving door would take up too much room, making it difficult to change into a superhero suit.

Use of the restroom would be a matter of entering and closing the door. The closed door would make it obvious that the unit is in use. The urinal could be mounted on the wall that the door is mounted on; usually along public streets there is easy access to the sewer for plumbing. Or the door could be mounted to a wall with a sewer grate immediately adjacent to avoid the plumbing altogether.

Salted Nuts, Jan 30 2007

(?) Dark Room Doors http://www.edwardsdoors.com/darkroom.html
Many options for different locaitons. [Salted Nuts, Jan 30 2007]


       Oh, that's just the sort of antiquated thinking that has kept custard filled speed bumps from catching on....
Salted Nuts, Jan 31 2007

       A toilet mounted in the centre of a revolving door! Brilliant! Superheroes can find somewhere else to accomplish their switch-a-roony.
Mr Phase, Jan 31 2007

       In Amsterdam they have urinals on the street already.
webfishrune, Jan 31 2007

       [ian] I think you're dodging the issue
neilp, Feb 01 2007

       I can see this whole thing is going to blow up. By contrast, if you filter out or dodge some of the annos, the fine print makes sense. I know that I have nothing to grain here.
normzone, Feb 03 2007

       Ha Ha. Darkroom humour. How very nerdy of you! I shutter at the toner of some remarks, panning fellow bakers with such transparency. And who was it that left the barn doors open to over-expose their long lens? I might just be doing the old hot shoe, but sometimes reciprocity goes off the rangefinder. It all smells so fisheye!
Canuck, Feb 03 2007


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