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Taco Roulette

The Loser Pays
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Taco Roulette is a meal plan/sport played by three or more people. The players would enter the restaurant and order the 'Taco Roulette Meal' which consists of x amount of tacos per person. Each player would also get one small glass of water. The tacos would be made with medium-hot sauce, except one which is made with the hottest sauce available (a liability waiver may even be necessary).

Eating would commence by each player taking a taco at random. The player who eventually eats the super hot taco would be revealed by his reaction. That person would not only be subject to ridicule, but would also be responsible for the bill.

If the person that eats the super hot taco is able to consume it without revealing their discomfort, the 'Draw' rule would be called into effect and the bill would be split evenly. Following payment through the 'Draw' rule, the person that ate the hot taco may reveal themselves, and will then be allowed to ridicule the others at will.

Salted Nuts, Jan 19 2007

Scoville scale http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Scoville_Scale
Scale for pepper hotness [csea, Jan 22 2007]

Magma, million Scoville hot sauce http://www.hotsauce.com/product_p/m26.htm
Something for [Galbinus'] taco [Salted Nuts, Jan 24 2007]

Make your own Hot Sauce http://scientificso...00&bhcd2=1169707711
kit for experimenters [csea, Jan 25 2007]


       "...the person would not only be subject to ridicule" +
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 19 2007

       Taco it like a man !
xenzag, Jan 19 2007

       Bleck. How about a bunch of spicy ones and one bland nasty one.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 19 2007

       As a native New Mexican, I am fond of fairly spicy peppers, but seldom go beyond Serrano pepper hotness. [link]
csea, Jan 22 2007

       I love it. +
phundug, Jan 22 2007

       a must have in any mexican casino. +
benfrost, Jan 24 2007

       I would make one change. If the player is able to consume the most hot taco, that player is exempt from payment and the bill is split between the other two players. You've offered one "lose" scenario and one "draw", but no "win". Also, the restaurant staff needs to be able to verify which player had the hottest taco on his/her plate.
Noexit, Jan 24 2007

       I bun anything with hot sauce! [+] I have a couple of sauces I am working on right now. One is called Hurtin' Habanero and the other is Vicious Viper. The former is pretty hot and has good flavor. The latter must be eaten a drop at a time (not by itself) and will make you sweat profusely after ONE drop. Several drops over the span of a meal and you will your head under the faucet.
MoreCowbell, Jan 25 2007

       Hot sauce seems to be topical for me recently - I sent my sister a kit for Xmas [link]. And one of the raffle prizes at a recent fund raiser I attended was the same kit! I also have come to appreciate the vinegar-based hot sauces from Louisiana.   

csea, Jan 25 2007

       //Hot sauce seems to be topical for me recently//   

       What are you doing spreading it on your skin?   

       This game sounds excellent. I have on occasion made people "russian roulette sandwiches". They are either shared, one bit each sequentially or simply eaten yourself to ease the monotony.   

       You take a regular sandwich and in one spot, about 1cm square, you put a bit of extremely hot sauce. Noone knows where, bite at your peril. No drinking (which actually makes it burn more, unless its alcoholic) or spitting is allowed.
webfishrune, Jan 26 2007

       I have been wrestling with an answer to your annotation [noexit]. This is really a contest for friends to engage in some friendly oneupmanship. The 'win' is that you can not only enjoy some tacos, but you will earn some camaraderie by completing a seemingly dangerous feat (although there is little change of death). That and the person that gets the hot taco can be ridiculed for days if they whine in the least.
Salted Nuts, Jan 29 2007


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