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Name Brand Cattle Brand

A side of beef for rent
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Instead of using some obscure character for a cattle brand (Rocking J, for instance), rent out the side of your cattle to a major corporation. The advertising would not only reach those in the country side and the sale ring, but could extend into the plush interiors of the city born Escalade or the fine furnishings of Two Hundred Thousand Gallon Restaurant. Imagine seeing the Windows logo on your friends leather britches, or the PETA logo on the leather sofa in your veterinarians waiting room.
Salted Nuts, Apr 14 2004


       Actually, Toad, the link points to coats for cattle. This would be a heat brand that would be permanent from calf-hood on through to the beasts contribution of its hide for shoes and furniture.
Salted Nuts, Apr 14 2004

       I'm sure I've seen cows with advertising on the side, but it might well have been a spoof in an ad or that Far Side cartoon.
DrCurry, Apr 14 2004

       Picture this: Your favored auto manufacturer has contracted with a producer to have their logo used as a brand. The location of the brand would be planned for maximum benefit. During leather production, these hides are sorted and sent to the auto manufacturers upholsterer (possibly at a premium or perhaps through some other deal). This leather could be then be used to produce seats for high end cars with the branded logo centered on the seats.
Salted Nuts, Apr 19 2004

       Presumably you could brand the steak when it is packaged at the slaughter house. That way you could advertise right up to the moment when she gets eaten. You could even advertise on reconstituted meat like burgers. By the time they are cooked the logos will have disappeared but hey there is no harm as it is hygenic. (thinking of which why don't they "best before" meat in this way) perhaps I should have quarterbaked that idea first.
PainOCommonSense, Apr 20 2004

       Toadinnov, I'm not quite sure how to take your "sick puppy" remark. However, this idea states "instead of using..." indicating that I am not proposing "any additional heat brand load." The fact is that branding is a common practice and many jurisdictions require that livestock are properly identifiable when in transport. Branding is still the most efficient and common way to identify livestock. I might have included freeze branding in the proposal, but am unsure if that leaves a permanent mark. Freeze branding, if done properly actually changes the (anatomical terms should be included here) so that the hair grows white.
Salted Nuts, Apr 20 2004

       Yeah, probably not a good idea to brand an overly complex symbol. I've branded cattle before. It sure looks like it hurts. Smells real bad too.   

       Never heard of freeze branding, but maybe it would work. If so, good concept.
booleanfool, Apr 20 2004


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