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Eliminating musical chairs at the campfire
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Problem: While sitting around the campfire, enjoying a couple beers and visiting with friends, windy conditions can cause the event to degenerate into a smoky game of musical chairs.

Solution: Install a large lazy-susan around the campfire on which to arrange the chairs, picnic table, cooler, dog...whatever. On one side of the Campfire-Susan would be mounted a large wind vein to catch the wind and keep the revelers upwind of the fire. The Campfire-Susan would allow one to leave the fire pit in a static position to allow for a changing view of the fire, or the fire pit could turn with the Campfire-Susan for a view of the same part of the fire.

Salted Nuts, Jun 07 2004

a roundabout... http://www.technolo.../roundabout/old.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       I would not like to drag around that contraption for camping, but it would be very nice in my backyard. (+)
kbecker, Jun 07 2004

       Well thought out [SaltedNuts], and of such preposterous complexity and expense in relation to the problem and situation that 'Halfbaked' seems scant praise. (+)   

       (New HalfBakers, take note of this idea as a good representation of one of the HB's themes.)   

       This might be a good project for a 'HalfBaker's Picnic' - it shouldn't be too difficult to modify one of those playground 'hurdy gurdies' - cut out the centre (use that wood for the campfire) and stick on a ten metre frame modified out of a 'jungle gym'. The vane could be nailed together from the 'No Littering / No Swimming / No Campfires' signs from around the park and the seats on the upwind side of the Canpfire Susan are the readily available park benches.   

       <awaits toasted marshmallow annos>
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 07 2004

       Might be easier to have a portable LP gas campfire with those fake logs and everything.
bristolz, Jun 07 2004

       Camping Genius !
neilp, Jun 07 2004

       I was just thinking: Campfire Susen. oh well.
jurist, Jun 07 2004

       me too!
po, Jun 07 2004

       [Tabs] I have picked up the expression from my mother (bless her teen Scottish war bride / swept back to Oz by dashing young RAAF Flight Liutenant heart) It's what she calls those big spinning platforms in kid's playgrounds - you know - like a merry-go-round without the horsies. Maybe its a complete misnomer, in which case I shall chastise her severely next time our paths cross.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 07 2004

       Fantastic, [Nuts].
lintkeeper2, Jun 07 2004

       I hate white rabbits, I hate white rabbits.   

       [CF] Thanks, this should have a wind 'vane' rather than a wind 'vein.'
Salted Nuts, Jun 07 2004

       On our playground those (hurdy-gurdy) should've been called 'hurley-girders', but, another time.   

       Quickly improvised make-do for this idea: Upright pipe with rope and a basket. Just carefully rig to have it hang beyond the fire, have several cooperative camp mates, and swing away. Cold one?
dpsyplc, Jun 07 2004

       alcohol + merry-go-round + fire = one slightly burnt bun
luecke, Jun 07 2004

       Perhaps a battery operated dollar store fan suspended from the overhanging tree? Or your goofy fishing hat?
hackermaster, Jun 08 2004

       Verily, this is truly half baked. Bravo!
krelnik, Jun 08 2004


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