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[Jan 08 2009, last modified Jan 09 2009]
(+5) A company certificate for 3D printing parts available.
(+2) Border selection for pasting image or text to clipboard.
(+7) Color Concentrates for Vaping Liquids
 Dirty screen prank
(+2, -1) Dish drying rack into a DVD case holding tower.
(+5) E-cig that has antiseptics.
 Ergonomic Exercise Shopping Bag
(+1, -4) Finding factors
 Force website background
 LED to replace a fluorescent lamp.
(+3, -2) License Plate Spotting Quest
(+5, -3) Looking for extraterrestrial life with quantum entanglement
(+4) Low volume sample rate and quantization
(+2) Metadata for MP3 files
(+1) Nuclear Missile disguised as a satellite rocket.
 On/Off toggle for double screens.
(+4) Online Profile Tailor
(+3) Put a ceiling light to a hook on a ceiling when exercise
(+6, -1) Rainbow colored Electronic Breadboard
(+5, -3) RAM marking colors
 Scrabble Dictionary
(+5) Scrolling desktop
 Selling utilities at storage auctions.
(+3) Turning back sheath for curved swords.
(+1) Virtual theatre
(+4, -2) White Tattoo for Black People

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