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On/Off toggle for double screens.

A switch to shut a second screen in use.
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When I play games that scrolls to some direction, there is a problem with scrolling to that specific direction where I have my another screen. I would like to have a switch that disables fast moving cursor to that extra screen.
Thrust, Oct 28 2014


       You mean a game in a window that's fullscreened on one monitor ? You might suggest that to a vidcard mfr.   

       Or do you mean a simple on/off for the second-monitor, as the title and summary suggests, which is rather common I'm afraid. I've got one on my laptop, though I can never remember which Fn combination it is and the hieroglyphs don't help.   

       Meanwhile of course I read the title as "Toggle for Double Scream".
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2014


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