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Virtual theatre

A realistic cultural experience with a pc and virtual glasses.
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Think about having theatre, consert or almost anything you can imagine to experience in a concert hall of your choosing with virtual reality glasses on.

First of all, you can choose any accurate simulation of theaters, concert halls or any locations that can be used for this purpose.

Next you can choose a play of music, theater, opera. Just take a seat and joy the experience.

When you want to take the experience to the next level, you can make plays yourself. Place the actors and players to their place and give them the lines and sheets. You can use Poser or DAZ studio applications to make choreography for the actors and dancers.

If you make something very special, you could sell tickets for your play. There the audience put their best suits and dresses and converse with each other during the intermission.

Thrust, Dec 23 2020




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