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License Plate Spotting Quest

Quests for spotting license plates with changing rules.
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Quests for spotting specific license plates. One week the rules might be like: Spot as many license plates which starts with an vowel and sum of the numbers is an even number. Next week it might have rules that the license plate must have two same letters and so on.
Thrust, Apr 10 2016


       [Ian], wovels are threatened, but not extinct. There are three isolated populations - two in Nepal and one in China.   

       A the moment, conservation efforts are directed at testing the genetic diversity of the three populations. It's possible that they have become isolated quite recently and are genetically similar, in which case conservationists can treat them as a single group. However, they might turn out to represent two or even three distinct subspecies, which will make things much more challenging. Wovels don't do well in captivity, and nobody has ever managed to get them to breed there.   

       There have been attempts to recruit the local populations into the conservation efforts, by offering financial incentives, but these have met with mixed success. This is especially true in Nepal, where wovels are considered to harbour evil spirits, and are often killed on sight.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2016

       I'm sorry about typos... I try to read the text thoroughly but still there are some misspellings.
Thrust, Apr 10 2016

       Nah, this place thrives on topys.   

       As to the idea - yes, it would be fun, so [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2016

       <puts on sarcasm hat>Great! Just what we need - more ideas for distracting drivers. Why not create a License Plate Spotting app to encourage more device use behind the wheel? <takes off sarcasm hat>   

       "Sorry about ramming into the back of your police car, ociffer. I was just trying out my new LPS app and your plate fulfills my quest for one that spells out "crumpet" when you turn it upside-down!"
Canuck, Apr 10 2016

       Perhaps a good game for the passengers. The driver is already overtasked with his coffee, breakfast sandwich, cigarette, sales manual, nav aid, cell phone and... oh yes, driving.
whatrock, Apr 10 2016

       I myself do not own a car or a driver's license. For me it would be spotting from a sidewalk or somewhere next to a street or a highway. Other possibility would be to use a video camera that is attached to the windshield.
Thrust, Apr 10 2016

       Do trains have license plates?   

       Or is train spotting something else?
popbottle, Apr 11 2016

       Train spotting is a different thing...
Thrust, Apr 12 2016


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