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Color Concentrates for Vaping Liquids

Colour concentrates for vaping liquids to recognize and sort what liquids are.
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I bought some 0mg base and 100mg nicotine liquid that are colorless. The flavor liquid was clear as well. If the liquid mix had some color, it would help to recognize what liquid is what.
Thrust, Mar 24 2016


       I recommend the color of barf.
Vernon, Mar 24 2016

       Black would be good, too.
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2016

       I usually speak spanish, but even so the word "Consentrates" [sic] is too much for me.
piluso, Mar 24 2016

       So the rate of consent could be visually indicated to persons that were not color-blind...I like it.
normzone, Mar 24 2016

       I revised that word. My native language is not English, so I wish that you forgive my errors.
Thrust, Mar 25 2016

       No problem. Honest effort is appreciated.
pertinax, Mar 25 2016

       Here's a concentrated bun [+]
piluso, Mar 25 2016

       A (+) for multi-lingual efforts, and a good typo is always cause for humor.   

       They probably don't add color because it's not good for you to inhale it.
normzone, Mar 25 2016

       There are natural colors like tobacco brown and blueberry. Those should not be unhealthy for vaping.
Thrust, Mar 26 2016

       Maybe we need a vape category soon.
notexactly, Mar 27 2016


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