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Border selection for pasting image or text to clipboard.

A tool for copying text to clipboard from an image or text field that does not support copy paste.
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There are programs that does transfer text of a scanned paper to text. But if you just want to fast copy and paste what you see on your screen, there should be a tool that transfer text from the screen with border selection to clipboard.
Thrust, Apr 04 2015

Baked http://capture2text.sourceforge.net/
What is Capture2Text? Allows the user to quickly snapshot a small portion of the screen, OCR it and (by default) save the result to the clipboard. [scad mientist, Apr 05 2015]


       In Windows you can take a snapshot of the active window by pressing Alt-PrtScr (print-screen). You can then past that into Paint and save it as a bitmap file. I think there exist Optical Character Recognition programs that can pull text from a bitmap file containing an image of text....
Vernon, Apr 04 2015

       Likewise on Macs, you can screenshot the whole screen, the active window, or a selected area of the screen - would this do what you wanted?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2015

       Usually I don't want to screen capture the whole screen. I want to get some lines of text to clipboard as if I would copy paste normally...
Thrust, Apr 04 2015

       Ah - you mean you want character recognition on the copied material?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2015

       One thing that I'd like to do, is to copy a player chat of one game, but it does not support copy and paste. I would copy that text on the fly to clipboard, and copy that text elsewhere.
Thrust, Apr 04 2015

       Yes, the screen grab thing being suggested here notably fails to OCR the text to the clipboard without industrial faffing about.
pocmloc, Apr 04 2015

       Only one, [Ian] ?
8th of 7, Apr 04 2015

       There seems to be quite a bit on the 'net for "OCR cut and paste".
FlyingToaster, Apr 04 2015

       If the game has extra plugins or modifications then there may be some way to script the text out of the program. If it is Snapchat or one of those similar programs then you probably shouldn't be copying anything. If the need to copy is criminal or threatening then seek the appropriate help.
wjt, Apr 04 2015

       As FlyingToaster said, you can find many options on Google. "screen capture with OCR" gave me quite a few options I linked the first option since it's free, open source and sounds like just what you're looking for.   

       This does make me think about how this could be very neatly integrated in the OS. For example, currently when you cut and paste text from say Word to Notepad, it pastes just find but of course formatting is lost. If you copy an image, the paste option in notepad is hidden. But why? The OS could quite easily down-convert an image to text if there is any text in the image. If you want to paste just the text into word, use paste special which could easily have an OCR text option added.
scad mientist, Apr 05 2015

       OCR is only needed if the image was not built by a program. Most likely the text is coded somewhere. Accessing the text codes is way less computationally taxing than the long way around of OCR.
wjt, Apr 06 2015


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