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SWM seeks SWF for sand juggling, 4th dimensional origami, and single-color checkers. Hair and skin a must.

[Nov 21 2000]
(+19, -1)(+19, -1) Black Bumpers
(+3, -2) Bovine supplemented Power Disk
(+5, -1) Cobblestone Activism
(+6, -7) DOS King
(+17)(+17) In-home firepoles
(-6)(-6) Kitchen Lid
(+7, -3) Leave-a-penny, Leave-a-penny dish
(+3, -2) Networked Cubicles
(+7, -1) Parking Debit System
(+4, -1) Rhetoric Decoder Ring
(+35, -10)(+35, -10)(+35, -10) Sports Utility Spuds
(+9, -4) Windshield Defroster

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