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Kitchen Lid

A lid for the entire kitchen
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Here is a product specifically for bachelors. It involves the installation of a raised plastic edge around each doorway to your kitchen. Then you just buy the handidandy Kitlid(tm), pop it on, and the whole kitchen stays fresh. The Kitlid is like a tupperware lid that covers a whole door. So, instead of worrying about the trash or dishes, you just leave your refrigerator door open, pop on your Kitlids, and the whole kitchen-kaboodle will stay fresh for days. No more bad smells.
Vecini, Nov 21 2000


       I like the innovativeness of the idea. Unfortunately, leaving the 'fridge on will _heat_ the room, not cool it.
beauxeault, Nov 21 2000

       I'm not sure if the fridge would heat the room OR cool it. Think about it. The workings of the fridge produce heat, but it would still produce cold as well. I'm thinking it would even out the temperature and do nothing. Now if you changed the fridge to a deep freezer, i'll bet the amount of coldness produced would be more than the amount of heat produced... or maybe you could just get a dairy cooler like they have in the back of the grocery store, and turn that into your kitchen...
djhotsauce, Nov 22 2000

       A refrigerator will heat the room, and a deep freezer will heat the room worse, because: Mumble, thermodynamics, mumble, inefficiency. Do you really want it explained? Trust me, I'm right.   

       But if you put the coils outside the room, what you have is a big macho air conditioner, and then your kitchen is a walk-in refrigerator. You probably want to insulate it more than a typical kitchen...   

       Now, walk-in refrigerators are quite baked, but the idea of cooking in one isn't. It might be convenient, except that all that heating and cooling will be bad for the food and wasteful of energy. Unless you never heat it up, in which case you'll need a winter coat to cook, and the burners will be defeating the refrigeration...
egnor, Nov 22 2000

       At a model home grand opening we duct taped about 20 gallon sized blue plastic bags under every commode seat. Since there's no water on at those models and tooty rich folks won't let on like they have a load. Worked like a charm.

Had that been college and had we used Saran Wrap ...........!
reensure, Nov 22 2000

       Really don't want to know any more about the bags.
thumbwax, Nov 22 2000

       egnor, i agree with you on the heating, now that i think about it, the temperature would stay equal only if the fridge was 100% efficient (which only happens in Physics-land). But consider this, the product is aimed at bachelors. Why don't we just omit the cooling part altogether, and just use the lids? We would keep the smell in the kitchen, and only go in there when we absolutely had to! It is a bachelor life solution!
djhotsauce, Nov 22 2000

       thumbwax: neither did we. Suffice it to say that Shop Vax have 'the pull'.
reensure, Nov 22 2000

       Surely a better solution would be to have a totally disposable kitchen. Just open up the wall to the outside and tip the whole lot into a large skip. Buy a new one the next time you go shopping. Simple!
DrBob, Nov 24 2000

       Would'nt it be easier just to do that whole house of the future thing like they do on the looney toons ? You have the little robots that come out and clean for you. Press a button and it does the dishes. That would truely be the perfect house.
batgirl, Nov 25 2000

       I have no idea what the toilets had to do with anything. That's gross.
DreamGoddess, Dec 21 2000

       What's gross? That you have no idea, or the toilet thing?
jibes, Jan 25 2001

       Fishbone for those who don't understand thermodynamics.   

       Croissant for the disposable kitchen idea. Perhaps what is needed is just a thin layer of film that you peel off...
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2002


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