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In-home firepoles

If coupled with a spiral stairway, this could be an effective space saver.
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Spiral stairways are pretty easy to ascend, but more difficult to descend. So, make the spiral just a little wider and put a firepole down the center of the staircase. Easy up. Easy down.
Vecini, Jan 11 2001

(?) Adelaide: Bed & Breakfast in former Victorian Firestation http://www.adelaide...h/firestation8.html
Sadly, the pole you see in the background here isn't in use (the ceiling is closed and floors are rented separately). But the red fire engine really pulls the room together. [jutta, Jan 11 2001]

(??) Blackthorne Inn, Point Reyes, CA http://www.blacktho...ms-reservations.htm
Hotel with spiral staircase and fireman's pole - sadly not in the configuration described by [Vecini]. However, the photo shows the pole in use which is good news. Would any HalfBakers living in the Bay area like to go and check this place out and report back? [hippo, Jan 11 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Or add a spiral slide to the outside edge, like they have in playgrounds. I always loved the slide. If it's the right kind, you build up a wonderfully high static charge too.
badoingdoing, Jan 11 2001

       Hmm... a slide could solve the "crossover" problem for the double helix escalator by eliminating the need for a mechanised "down" side.
supercat, Jan 11 2001

       lol, supercat, but I don't think that most "normals" would sacrifice their dignity for the thrill of an easy descent; it'd be WAAAY to funny to see the new CFO or whoever slide down to get his luggage in a three-piece suit. And then again, you'd have kids that try to monopolize the slide and all that... heh. Sadly, most notions of adulthood/responsibility/maturity are tied to remaining vertical as much as possible.   

       (that is, presuming that the firepole/slide/helical escalator implementation is intended for public places, not at home)
absterge, Jan 12 2001

       Kids would be a problem initially, but once poles become the norm it will be too boring for them to bother with. A more urgent problem would be how to stop people sliding down on top of you before you get clear at the bottom. Though personally I'm prepared to accept a few casualties for the greater good of mankind.
DrBob, Jan 13 2001

       Maybe have the pole and its hole clearly visible, but the up-stairway rather well hidden from view, on the offchance that a few newcomers, seeing everyone working above and no other obvious means of access, might actually try climbing the pole..
Mygo, Oct 01 2001

       Too dangerous for all. No matter how coordinated and healthy you are, you _will_ eventually fall and hurt yourself if you use it several times a day. It's unusable for the older set (which all of you will join). And you would not be able to keep the smallest children from, essentially, happily leaping to their deaths after seeing mommy zoom down to answer the phone some busy morning.
horripilation, Nov 19 2002

       The in-home firepole is an idea I've loved for years now. I plan on eliminating stairs in my future house and making myself climb UP the pole to get to the second floor. Imagine the upper-body development!   

rubbus, Dec 29 2002

       I have an eccentric grand-uncle in North Carolina who has a firepole in his farmhouse. He also has a tire swing in his living room.
goober, Mar 10 2003

       And here I am using my legs like a sucker.
Worldgineer, Mar 15 2003

       // I have an eccentric grand-uncle in North Carolina who has a firepole in his farmhouse. He also has a tire swing in his living room. //   

       I must meet this marvellous man.
Alx_xlA, Oct 03 2010

       [+] very good. Won't let the safety aspect take away from an otherwise good idea. I plan to halfbake something even more elaborate in a few min... just let me check it isn't already here...
jamobaker, Oct 04 2010

       Moving furniture up and down would be entertaining.
Twizz, Oct 04 2010

       //And here I am using my legs like a sucker.//   

       {looks up} Wow! How do you get them to form a seal?
pertinax, Oct 04 2010

       I am thinking this would be handy for dancing too. The bottom part. Of the firepole.
bungston, Oct 04 2010

       Great idea assuming you don't slam each stair step with your head on the way down.   

       Which would be really funny actually. [+]
doctorremulac3, Oct 04 2010

       I live on a camp, and we have problems with fire poles that are on the outside of the cabins. They are way to much fun for the kids to play on! ... I guess we need to plant poison ivy at the bottom.   

       In reality the fire poles work nicely, but do have maintenance and safety issues. Also, if you have a 3 story house, going from 3 to 2 could be a problem unless you use one story only poles, then you are talking about the same space for each fire pole on the 2nd floor PLUS stairs to go up. ... The 'hold on' chain type elevators that go up on one side and down on the other in continuous fashion have been used in industry for years. I figure OSHA has outlawed them by now, and little kids aren't coordinated enough to be safe around them.
servant74, Oct 05 2010

       //I plan on eliminating stairs in my future house and making myself climb UP the pole to get to the second floor. Imagine the upper-body development!//   

       Especially if you put the groceries on the second floor.
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010

       //going from 3 to 2 could be a problem//
Naah, you just need skill. And strength. And good timing.
(There was a multi-level playground thing at my first school, with a pole at one end from top to bottom. Thems with the moves got on and off where-ever they liked. After I left, the committee decided it was too high, and split the top 2 layers of as a separate plaything. Some problem with too many kids falling off it and breaking themselves. I can only recall 2 or 3 while I was there.)
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 08 2010

       Excellent idea, two thumbs up [+]
whatrock, Aug 29 2016


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