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if it's stupid but it works, then it isnt stupid.

[Jul 02 2004, last modified May 23 2005]

 breathalyser operated key locker
(+2) central coffee
(+1) central methane collection grid
 cowpie gathering robot
 dirt slinging wildfire fighting device
(+3, -1) forever turbine
(+3) gas turbine powered hot air dirigible
(+5, -2) gasification powered lawnmower
(+1) gnomish beer mug
(+4, -2) inverted tax
(+5, -1) nitrous oxide assisted jet engine
(+1) peltier-charger for weapon electronics
(+3, -2) pulse ramjet
(+3, -1) recoil powered machine gun cooling system
(+1) scavenger van
(+3) universal jump off receptacle

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