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get your excercise by dodging tennis balls and other projectiles
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youd be in a closed area with one of those ball launcher machines, but it would try to hit you and you would try to dodge. the velocity and rate of fire could be increased as you gained skill and fitness. beginners could dodge kickballs and more advanced ppl could dodge tennis balls or worse...
bobenhotep, Jul 31 2004


       Didn't they did this in a round of Gladiators?
gnomethang, Jul 31 2004

       baked: snowballs
po, Jul 31 2004

       ...or me when I play golf. +
swimr, Jul 31 2004

       Reminds me of an old Mitch Hedberg joke - "I like playing tennis. But it kinds of puts me off knowing that I'll never be as good as... a wall."
lostdog, Jul 31 2004

       bobenhotep, tennis balls are smaller, therefore easier to avoid. Though they would go faster.
DesertFox, Jul 31 2004

       See the Jackie Chan movie "the Big Brawl", a.k.a "Battle Creek Brawl" - baseballs are used to similar effect.
HappyZenWolf, Oct 15 2005


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