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central coffee

have one coffee maker and distribution lines running to coffee faucets
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sure, coffee faucets. there would be lots of problems, but having a coffee faucet in your office would be cool, almost as cool as having a beer faucet in your house...
bobenhotep, Jul 31 2004

cheese is better. http://www.halfbake.../idea/Cheese_20taps
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       I actaully thought of this the other day, coffee piped directly to my desk. +
simonj, Jul 31 2004

       im sure everyone has thought of this at one time or another...
bobenhotep, Jul 31 2004

       How about adding an IV drip so you wouldn't have to interrupt your work?
Ander, Jul 31 2004

       an IV drip is less enjoyable as actually drinking it. who cares about interrupting your work anyway??? this is coffee!
PinkDrink, Aug 01 2004

       Wouldn't putting coffee directly into the bloodstream with an IV drip cause problems?   

       As to the coffee piping, you might want to have a milk pipeline as well. Or just keep a cow in the office.
MrDaliLlama, Aug 01 2004

       This is perfect. There's nothing more annoying than having to interrupt what I'm doing to refill your drink.
Pericles, Aug 01 2004

       yes, the cow could be hooked to piping, or could be on an overhead crane system where it could be hoisted to wherever it needed. now a milk knob on the coffee faucet would be cool, it would say "m" and "c" instead of "h" and "c" like a normal faucet
bobenhotep, Aug 02 2004

       Sorry, but half the fun of coffee is taking a COFFEE BREAK. Why don't we put a toilet in everyone's cubicle, too, so that we can work 8 hours completely uninterrupted.   

       Not a bad idea, but it's just not for me.
phundug, Aug 02 2004

       Yes, but having a toilet in your office is a perfect excuse to end a meeting.   

       "I'm sorry, boss, but could you give me a moment?" *pause* *BRAARP* *Flush* "Now, where were we? Oh, you're finished? Alrighty."   

       I love the coffee idea, anyway.
shapu, Aug 02 2004

       That's great onomatopoeiizing, [shapu]! LOL :)
phundug, Aug 02 2004

       (You missed the 'Central Perk' pun)
phoenix, Aug 02 2004

       And don't forget to replace the plastic jungle with real sugarcane.
WordUp, Aug 04 2004


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