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forever turbine

a turbine that lasts forever( well, darn near)
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the rotor would be placed inside of a tube through which water would flow. the turbine, balanced on a magnetic bearing, would have magnets in it and act as a rotor in a generator. the stator coils would be wound outside the tube, out of the water. since the rotor would spin without touching anything( besides water), i imagine it would be around for a while...
bobenhotep, Sep 03 2004

Artificial heart pump http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn6209
This reminds me of an artificial heart pump with magnetic impeller. [xaviergisz, Nov 25 2006]


       In the first sentence you state that "the rotor would be placed inside of a tube which through water would flow". Then you conclude by saying "the rotor would spin without touching anything". I'm having difficulty visualizing this paradox.
jurist, Sep 03 2004

       I think he means it won't touch anything but water.
Ichthus, Sep 03 2004

       perhaps magnets placed strategically outside the tube to stabilize the turbine inside the tube?
hankthoreau, Oct 28 2004

       I suppose thias would work, if you had a place that never stopped water flowing, put it on top of one of those geothermal vents on the ocean floor, I think they vent hot water to don't they? [+] Just because I think it matters, which apparently it doesn't.
EvilPickels, Oct 28 2004

       It'd still wear down, as even pure water would corrode and wear down a blade, and pure water is something you're not going to find.   

       The magnetic bearings wouldn't hold it very well...
Almafeta, Oct 30 2004

       Cavitation, clearances, barnacles, weed, eels, efficiency, corrosion, Worse Things Happen At Sea.   

       Hydro turbines are about the most reliable machines on the planet already. Might be useful on wave and tidal energy devices, but mostly they need to be fitted with adequate amounts of Money. Unfortunately Money and magnetic bearings can't be fitted to the same marine device at present.   

       Were you planning to fit a magnetic thrust bearing as well? Might be a good idea.   

       But I like it anyway. It would make a good brand name. Caution: this turbine may not last Forever.
whennightfalls, Nov 25 2006


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