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solar powered distillery process "sun-shine"
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using a variant of the solar still to make moonshine. your still would be environmentally friendly, and to get rid of your mash, you just fill in the hole...
bobenhotep, May 15 2004

Amazing Plastic Still http://www.amazingstill.com
Tried this and it actually produced Moonshine. Took forever though, and had to quadruple distill it. [thejini, Oct 04 2004]


bungston, May 15 2004

       Essentially you could take the "amazing plastic still" (see link) and use a solar panel to run the heating element, or paint the top white and the sides black if you want to be less efficient about it.   

       Anyhow, you could set up a bunch of these solar-powered stills out in the woods and in a month you'd have all the moonshine you want without having to do the distilling yourself.
thejini, May 19 2004


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