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Carbon based life form. Laziness is the estranged uncle of invention. I'm lazy so I try to get other people to do things for me ... like make the things I invent. Of course, being lazy I'm too lazy to patent my ideas, let alone market them. I'm also so lazy that if I patented and marketed an idea, I'd be too lazy to negotiate a license or sell the thing.

I thought about creating a website like this for lazy people like me who have ideas that facilitate a lifestyle of laziness ... but I was too lazy so I searched and found this one.

So here's some of my ideas ... at least they're the ones I wasn't too lazy to post about. If you don't like them then good for you. If your reason is stupid though, prepare to be lambasted. I'm never to lazy to do that. Sometimes.

[Jul 29 2002, last modified Oct 17 2007]

(+3) Automated Sleeping-baby Warning
 "back on line" notice
 Bar-None Digital Frame Filler (software)
(+2, -1) CoughDrop Pacifier
 Fan Frame
(+1, -2) germfree fly swatter
(+4, -1) Google Word Focus
 Microwave Napkin System
(+3) Nightime clock dimmer
(+2, -3) oneway toilet plunger
(-1) solderless resistors
(-1) Stay Awake to the Beat
(+2) swipe dialer
 wireless purse
 wireless talkboy

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