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"back on line" notice

Surfing on a LAN and got disconnected by your server? This program notifies you when you are reconnected.
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When the internet server on your LAN goes down, a client side program can be ran that pings the internet until you are connected again. Either a dialog box and/or a sound, or even send a page to your pager can be initiated to notify you once the connection is resestablished.
davea0511, Oct 29 2002

DeepMetrix http://www.deepmetrix.com/
A number of network tools including IpMonitor. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

HostResumedNotifier http://skinnybrown....hostresumednotifier
This program will notifiy you when connection to a specific host resumes, you could also use this to alert you that your connection is back up. [Skinnybrown, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. (link)
phoenix, Oct 29 2002

       As I researched the above solutions I was disappointed to discover this idea is still largely unbaked. The deepmetrix solution is a server side solution and costs $700.0. What I specified is a client-side program for joe consumer that quietly pings the internet until it's up - should be a cakewalk for an experienced network programmer to write and offer for free or nearly free.   

       Also, don't tell just me when the internet is NOT available. I already know that when I fail to access the internet. Besides, the IM based solutions are a pain for those of us who dislike IM and the additional system resources they consume.
davea0511, Dec 16 2002

       itd be a pretty simple bash script, calling ping until the host is found. i do it manually myself all the time.
ironfroggy, Dec 16 2002

       Why don't you hire a computer to do it?   

       What's your longest run? 4 hours?
lawpoop, Jul 21 2003

       Baked. A little Windows program I wrote that pings the server you specify, and whenever its state changes (from down to up or vice versa) it squawks Pingu the penguin at you and notes down the time in a log file.
benjamin, Oct 22 2003

       Just run any good anti-hacker firewall product. If you haven't been attacked in over 60 seconds, clearly you are not connected to the Internet.</sarcasm level=partial>
krelnik, Oct 23 2003

       Gee whiz you guys ... everyone says it's baked but there are no references to where an average joe (who isn't a programmer) can get such a product. If you have to write a Bat file o accomplish the task then it isn't baked. 80% of computer users at best know how to check their email and surf the net and that's it. that's who this is for: the 80%, not the 20% to which most of us belong. half the time I come here, not to see if I can invent something but to look for a product that does what I want because I just want it ... but saying "I seen it already" is a complete waste of cyberspace and server bits.
davea0511, Oct 09 2009


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