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CoughDrop Pacifier

Put the coughdrop in the pacifier
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Pacifier is made of fabric instead of rubber through which the child can suck on the cough drop. Fabric area would be small enough that it only accepts cough drops designed for the pacifier.

Can be used for any medicine that should be administered slowly. I thought of this because we had a baby with a birth defect which left her unusually susceptible to bronchitis.

davea0511, Oct 17 2007

Medicine Dispensing Pacifier http://www.onestepa...sp?productId=291757
[DrCurry, Oct 17 2007]


       Babies have been given sugar nipples for eons: a lump of sugar wrapped in a hankerchief for sucking on. I have never heard of giving medicine in this way. I like this a lot. It would work. You could load such a pacifier with other liquid medicines (eg baby tylenol) if there were a cap preventing them from falling out the wrong way.
bungston, Oct 17 2007

       Medicine dispensing pacifiers are patented up the yin yang, and indeed available on the general market. So there is an answer for your baby's coughing apart from stopping smoking around her.
DrCurry, Oct 17 2007

       I thought cough drops were fairly widely regarded as placebo, or, at least, extremely ineffective at delivering medicine correctly.
Texticle, Oct 17 2007

       Most medicine for kids come as easy to swallow liquid with an eye dropper to dispense. Can't you just dispense the medicine and then give the kid their pacifier?
airportpanic, Oct 18 2007


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