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Joel Clark's acct


Web pages of stuff I'm working on including book holders and vocab games:


[Aug 12 2003, last modified Apr 23 2014]

(+2, -1) Audio Crossword Clues
(+1) Axeploder
 Bat Trees
(+3) Carton/Bookholder
(+1) Counterbalance World
 Crossword Tablecloth
(+3) Driveway Friendly Snowplow
 Eraser Buddies
 Hot Melt Cool Spray
(+1) Internet Machinists' Club
(+1) Lifting Shelf-Belt
(+5) Marble Falls
(+4) Pop-up Garden
 Preemptive Snowblower
(+2) Remote Cashier
(+3) Visual Circuits
(+6) Vocabulary Chess
(+9)(+9) Vocabulary Jigsaw Puzzle
(+3) Vocabulary Solitaire

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