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Pop-up Garden

Ground-level garden plots pop up to waist level on air-filled poly bags.
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A bright sunny day- perfect for some garden work. And now that I have Garden Pop-Ups I don't have to bend down at all!
Soil six inches deep contained in a 3 ft x 8 ft flexible canvas tray rests on a polyethylene air bag. Since soil (Earth, wet, excavated) weighs about 100 pounds/ cu ft, each sq ft weighs 50 lbs. That is distributed over 144 sq in, so you need 50/144 = .34 lbs/sq in pressure to support it. My shop vac is good for about .32 lbs/sq in, so it doesn't seem hard to do.
Polyethylene big bag with constraining cords make big bellows, so when deflated the bag doesn't spread out too much.
flypaper, Nov 21 2003

Pop-up Garden http://home.earthli...atbale_garden16.GIF
Shown in popped-up position. [flypaper, Oct 21 2004, last modified Aug 07 2009]


       Drainage is going to be a problem, and anything with deep roots is going to be pissed (to the extent that plants can get pissed, of course) (make sure there aren't any Ents in your garden). For that matter, the first deep frost is going to wipe everything out anyway.   

       How about digging a waist-high trench between the bedrows? You could put inflatable bags underneath paving stones on the bottom...
DrCurry, Nov 21 2003

       Pushing up daisies, the easy way.   

       My gran has a bad back, and would love this! She asked me bake you this fresh croissant. +
Fishrat, Nov 22 2003

       Finally, something to go next to the marble fountain in my back yard. +
sartep, Nov 22 2003

       and why not have the walk way lower to the level of the plants? Then you could see the crosssection of the plants too.
lizziepunkin, Nov 24 2003

       Yes, I like this idea. My back don't bend easy no more.   

       If you fill the bag with water, and the bag bleeds slowly all over, you can have your watering done automatically.
popbottle, Mar 15 2016


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