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Audio Crossword Clues

Sound clues instead of word clues for crossword puzzles.
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Crosswords in newspapers or magazines could have some of the clues in the form of sounds like a cow mooing or a hammer pounding a nail, thunder, sneezing, etc. Just for variety. How to provide the sound to go with newspaper crosswords? I did some experiments with printed variable-width lines like the optical sound tracks on movie film, but that doesn't look promising because printed ink resolution is not nearly as good as in film. I was thinking you could drag a pen-sized reader with audio output. To evaluate whether it is even interesting to do, I've put together a test. It is not as simple as I had planned, because you need a smart phone. See the link below if you want to try the two examples. To actually do the puzzles you will need to do a screen capture and print to get a paper copy.
flypaper, Jul 23 2014

Audio Crossword Test http://diyexperimen...udiocrosswords.html
Two easy crosswords with a few sound clues. [flypaper, Jul 23 2014]


       Have you seen Phonopaper? Google it (someone else here mentioned it). It would work fine for printing audio in newspapers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2014

       How about a textured print, then you could print a "rumble strip" and it would be played by dragging your pen end along it.
pocmloc, Jul 23 2014

       Thank you for info about Phonopaper. It appears to be evidence that you need a lot of paper area to hold a few seconds of sound. Maybe only a low-frequency sound if you drag a reader over a narrow width line. You would want to fit several clue lines, not too long to go along with a crossword.
flypaper, Jul 23 2014

       Re [link]: Those were interesting to solve. However, some of the audio files' filenames were the answers, and the others gave strong clues. I would have just numbered the files.
notexactly, Jun 21 2019


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