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Preemptive Snowblower

Persuade the flakes to fall elsewhere.
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If I had a vertical-axis propeller spinning above my driveway when it snows, creating an outward airflow, maybe a modest air flow would deflect the snow such that it would fall in a circle beyond my driveway.

Or instead of a blower, maybe an electrostatic attractor on one side.

flypaper, Dec 06 2003


       Think of all the snow that would 'grow' in a circle around your fan in the driveway, having settled out of the fan's intake air. I wonder if it would be more concentrated than just regular precipitation...   

       Either way this idea seems perfect for the halfbakery. +
Tiger Lily, Dec 06 2003

       Just when I couldn't figure out what to get Dubbya for christmas...
Overpanic, Dec 06 2003

       Use one of those outdoor propane heaters blowing down the length of your drive for the storm duration.
waugsqueke, Dec 06 2003


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