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Vocabulary Chess

Play a game; learn some words.
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Makes memorization fun? OK, maybe not quite fun, but less of a chore because it's part of the game. Here is a computer chess game that allows you to learn some vocabulary words while you have the fun of trying to beat your computer opponent. It has the same rules as chess, but with a twist: if you know the matching word under any of the extra white pawns, you can place that pawn on the matching French word on the chessboard. It gives you a nice edge when playing against the computer and involves some extra placement strategy. Just drag it to the correct word and you've enlisted a new pawn in your army. Load new word sets anytime during the game. Third of the trio I started in 2004 (see previous Halfbakery entrees Vocabulary Jigsaw and Vocabulary Solitaire).

Note: all three are downloadable freeware, see link.

flypaper, Jul 03 2007

MemChess http://diyexperimen...s_Screenshot256.GIF
Memorization games for kids or grown-ups. Links to other two at page bottom. [flypaper, Jul 03 2007, last modified Feb 14 2018]


       Gives (+)   

       Waits for link.   

       this could be quite interesting.   

       Could make it so in order to capture an enemy's piece, you need to answer a vocabulary question (which is harder depending on which piece - toughest for the Queen). If you fail to answer correctly, the capture doesn't happen and you have to try again on your next move (unless the opponent moves away).   

       Excellent for language exchange partners.
phundug, Jul 03 2007

       I give this a bun, but your link means that it has been baked (by you no doubt, but baked nonetheless).   

       Can't wait to try it out.
energy guy, Jul 03 2007

       With some modifications this could work.
RayfordSteele, Jul 03 2007

       Have you not considered vocabulary scrabble where you need to know the word in the other language in order to score? Could also be played dual language (or duel language, with one person using each).
marklar, Jul 03 2007

       Thank you for comments, all. energy guy, I never thought about what you are saying, if you actually make something, then it doesn't qualify for Half-bakery anymore. But really, I just pulled it out of the oven, checking with a broom straw right now. phundug, thank you for suggestion. Early version of solitaire I interrupted each move with pop-up question, but I thought it was too much interruption. I've tried to make question and answer merge with game. With the chess, still not good because too easy to just not use any pawns. marklar, I hadn't thought of Scrabble-type game, but you can develop it! Generally, I'm interested in the idea that we all go through life pushed and pulled by forces that are sometimes subtle, yet they govern what we do. Given a well-lit, comfortable spot, we may gravitate to it and do something constructive. Cold, dark, dirty, noisy we avoid until forced to go there.
flypaper, Jul 03 2007

       When I taught EFL at a language school in China, we had some similar software - it had a few one-or-two-player games such as Reversi, Connect 4, and Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe), where you had to answer the question/translate the word correctly or forfeit your move. The students liked using it and did seem to learn as a result, so have a [+] from me for extending it to chess.
imaginality, Jul 04 2007

       I evaluated some software for people who struggle with English. I thought the best one was one where you flew a helicopter through a cave and had to pick up the correct letter pairs, eg: thr__gh.
marklar, Jul 04 2007


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