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I do not now, nor have I ever owned a banjo, though I have been accused of torturing several of them.

contact: peanutbutterandpickles at gmail dot com

[Jul 25 2008, last modified Sep 05 2008]

(+3, -7) 3 whole croissants
(+5, -2) Chocolate mead
(+7, -2) "coffee"
(+24, -1)(+24, -1)(+24, -1) Deadman's password
(+1, -2) Dim Sum with lots of kinds of food
(+6, -3) Fried Medicine
(+3, -1) Halfbaking for a living
(+2, -1) Hearing Damage Monitor
 Intentional TV shibboleth
(+5) Job Shopping Agency
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Leak Warning Indication Condom
 MP3 players with built in FM transmitter
(+8, -1) Pastry Espresso Cup
(+1) Recycler's credit
(+8)(+8) Rice kinetic projectiles
 SMS Away Message
(+1, -2) Song Originality Test Software
(+2, -1) Stay Awake! Random Alarm Generator

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