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MP3 players with built in FM transmitter

Make ipods reverse compatible to cars, stereos, boomboxes etc
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Prior art here is the car conversion kits that sold for CD players that has a small FM transmitter that makes a very short range station which you tune into on your car stereo. Adding a similar FM antenna and transmitter to a handheld mp3 device would let us play music from any older device with radio input in close proximity. No more messing around looking for the right cable to hook it up or modifying your car's stereo wiring to accept the latest gadget. Ideally this would have a few different selectable frequencies to choose from to not conflict with real licensed radio stations in various regions or other devices in the next car, that or one standard FM band frequency that would become reserved in all areas as the device channel.

Hmmm my grammar is getting pretty weak here. shucks. <turns up music, clicks OK>

gomer, Aug 26 2008


       Whilst not *exactly* an MP3 (though it does have one of course), the Nokia N78 has a built-in FM transmitter.
coprocephalous, Aug 26 2008

       I just read about one of these somewhere...   

       Hmm, the links im finding from google all seem to be designed for in car use- the whole unit fits in a cigarette lighter outlet, or is part of a GPS unit. Not really what you were looking for.   

       But I'm sure I read a story recently about a real portable player with this feature.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 26 2008

       My Inno XM player has this and it also has 1Gb of storage for MP3s or music recorded off the XM Satellite radio.
MisterQED, Aug 26 2008

       I can buy a plug-in FM antenna for my MP3 player at WalMart. The cell phone that I am contemplating purchasing, from Sprint, has an MP3 player and FM antenna built in. Both FM antennas function as described--evidently this is a good idea.
baconbrain, Aug 26 2008


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