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Dim Sum with lots of kinds of food

Try everything
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I love the concept of dim sum with the little carts and little bite sized portions of everything that you share with your table. You get to try everything, and you get just the amount of food you want Why don't we have this for other kinds of food?

"When the taco cart comes around, lets get a blue plate of carne asada tacos, a red plate of mini-cheese enchiladas, and a blue plate of mini-sopes..."

gomer, Jul 29 2008


       Hmmm... I'm not sure this is super original. It's a great idea, but a few restaurants I know do multicultural tapas - which is pretty much the same idea.   

       It's also a possible 'advocacy' - unless there were a nice system of classification for the dim-sum/tapas/fingerfood with red/blue plates that you alude to?
Jinbish, Jul 29 2008


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