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SMS Away Message

Users can set an Instant Message Style away message, and users can ping them non intrusively to see if its a good time to text.
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This could help cut down on the number of nagging "hey what r u up 2" or "where u @" messages. I would text my status on my phone "@ work still :/" and then when someone is trying to figure out plans or saying hey or whatever, they first send a blank text 'ping' to me, which automatically returns my status to them without my phone ringing. They can then decide whether its appropriate to text me, or possibly their question is already answered, or maybe i've gotten their attention with an intruiging status or whatever, as one does with instant message away messages and status settings.
gomer, Jul 26 2008

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       That's like calling someone to see if it's a good time to call. If you don't get a response, consider them away.
phoenix, Jul 26 2008

       Pure genius.
zeno, Jul 27 2008

       There is a actually already a product for this called I- Reply for the blackberry, http://bit.ly/d2DewR .
davesthoughts, Mar 05 2010

       is that your product then [davesthoughts] ? links go on the left (notice the underlined [link] button under neath the post text), in plain format (without URL redirection). Looking forward to your first post.
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2010


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