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Half dressed and half right. www.istoleyour.com

[Jun 29 2000]
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) A really convincing alibi for why I'm always on halfbakery and never on task
(+3) baby-talk Decoder
(+3) borderline Borderline Personality Disorder
(+25, -5)(+25, -5)(+25, -5) "Edit-Undo" for real-life conversation
(+12, -3)(+12, -3) passenger-side ATM machine
(+3, -5) Photoshoplifting
(+5) Rubber furniture by Herman Miller
(+7, -1) 'spellcheck' Ink pen
 SweetDreams availale in prescription only
(+4, -6) the 8 day week
(+4, -3) the ALL PURPOSE resume
(+3) the fusion of art/music/noise as a collective experience
(+9, -12) the "justify my love" bra
(+39, -6)(+39, -6)(+39, -6) the Nicotine Eye Patch
(+3, -1) the Pager Pill Box

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