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passenger-side ATM machine

An ATM to your left and an ATM on your right.
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I drove thru and ATM once going the wrong way and thought they had already invented one. I sobered up and found out they don't exist.
julien, Jun 29 2000

ATM access for the blind http://www.straight...lassics/a4_010.html
Cecil Adams, font of all knowledge, on ATMs for the blind [Uncle Nutsy, Jun 29 2000]


       this is good because sometimes you go through the atm and you have to pass your card to the driver and even if he/she is your friend what if you don't trust them and you have to tell them your pin # which is awkward.
juloe, Jun 29 2000

       Hey, just turn your car around and put it in reverse. then drive backwards through :-)
mar, Jul 19 2000

       I've only been to a drive-thru ATM once. Could someone explain to me why they have braille on the keypads?
Lemon, Jul 19 2000

       [Lemon]: I figure it's because they use the same stock keypads as some non-drive-up devices.
centauri, Jul 19 2000

       [Lemon]: It's actually federal law, on the grounds that blind people might well be passengers in a car driven by a sighted person. The ATM industry never really fought hard against it, for the reason centauri gave.
Uncle Nutsy, Jul 19 2000

       Why not?   

       Keep in mind that there are many different forms of blindness, many of which still leave some amount of eyesight. (But it's *very* blurry, or just in a very small spot.)
ping, Nov 12 2000

       Also, bear in mind there are voice-prompting ATMs that provide a recorded message for each step of the transaction ("Please enter your personal identification number," "Please enter amount,") and a detailed account of how to perform every transaction on a braille plaque alongside.
Uncle Nutsy, Nov 12 2000

       Here's a croissant for using a drive-through ATM under the influence.
disbomber, Apr 06 2005

       [juole]: Just have the driver stop the car just before the ATM and then get out of the car to use it.
Capt Skinny, May 29 2007

       One learns all sorts on here. I've never seen a drive-through ATM, didn't know they existed.   

       And I usually sit behind the chauffeur anyway, not beside him. (As if...)
Cosh i Pi, May 29 2007

       Bun, for giving me the idea of a passenger-side McDonald's counter.
croissantz, May 29 2007


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