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Rubber furniture by Herman Miller

Are domestic disputes trashing *your* place?
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Unlike traditional furniture, if you were to throw a Herman Miller Rubber Chair at your boyfriend's cranium, swearing this was the "last time he'd ever step foot in your house", wouldn't it be better if wood splinters didn't end up all over the kitchen floor? Psych-ward quality, Herman Miller design.
julien, Aug 15 2000

Hermann Miller Products http://www.hermanmi...0,1465,c201,00.html
Don't really lend themselves to rubberization on first viewing. [jutta, Aug 15 2000]

Pony chair, by Eero Aarnio. http://www.eero-aarnio.com/ponychair.htm
This one, however, would be excellent in foam rubber (if a bit large to throw). [jutta, Aug 15 2000]


       5 out of 7 schizophrenic patients didn't comprehend the question but 1 in 3 manics think Rubber Furniture by Herman Miller is just the greatest. Trips to the zoo came in a close second.
julien, Aug 15 2000

       what is this?
technobadger, May 06 2001


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