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the "justify my love" bra

A love tester device and bra -in one!
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You've seen those "test your love" arcade-type games, where you put your finger on a heat-sensitive strip and it tells you if you're a passion fish or a cold fish. This bra uses the same material sewn into the external lining of a bra. If his or her touch was unworthy, the bra would glow a pale shade of blue. If the grope was good vibrations then the bra would beam a bright crimson.

If the prospect is a dull, lifeless lover...wouldn't you like to know before you get down to business and avoid a bad bedfellow? I can't believe I just used the word 'bedfellow'. Who uses that word? What was I thinking?

julien, Aug 25 2000


       I thought love-tester devices used skin conductivity...
bookworm, Aug 26 2000

       Natural instincts should be efficient however my alcohol intake seems to screw with my radar.
julien, Aug 28 2000

       Shouldn't it have a Net Worth Indicator? That gets women hot.
thumbwax, Sep 21 2000

       Have to be careful with that, if it's a Wonderbra, the recoil could hurt someone...
StarChaser, Sep 30 2000

       Anna Nicole Smith's justify my love bra certainly works.
thumbwax, Sep 30 2000

       wouldn't that be a little insolent? your bra turns blue so you kick the guy out? you should be tuned into him enough before he's touching your breasts to know whether you want him around...besides, those love-o-meters work on body temperature...what if the guy just came in from the snowy outside? dumb idea. yuck yuck yuck.
lyse, Nov 19 2000

       This could really work. But rather than heat it should measure breast swelling. When a woman is aroused her breast size my increase by %50!   

       Come to think of it what I need is a "permanent arousal bra" well, if I'm going to attract any of these beer drinking men in any case ...
futurebird, Jul 17 2001

       Won't the contents of the bra generally keep the bra itself well above room temperature? Unless there's *Something* between the bra, and what the bra is designed to support...   

       I think this bra would mainly be used by men to get a better idea of how much the women stuff the bra before they bother to attempt any groping.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 25 2010


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