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Driving along the other day, I let the car drift toward the shoulder of the road. There was a warning "roar" caused by grooves in the cement along the side of the road. Pretty darn clever, highway engineers. But why not make the roads play music using those grooves? For simply waking up dozing drivers, Reveille would do. Yankee Doodle, Camptown whatzis (doo-dah) would be easy. Forget Shave & a Haircut...you can do that on speed bumps. Flight of the Bumblebee...now we're talking! Make the music match the scenery? Announce upcoming cities (New York, New York. Chicago). There used to be greeting cards that you could make "talk" by dragging your thumbnail across a grooved plastic strip. So, the roads could be made to talk also..."Watch for deer crossing", "Speed trap ahead", etc.

[Apr 15 2001, last modified May 27 2001]
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