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Voices in the head caller ID

Is that you, God?
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Why take a chance? It could be the devil. It could be an ET. It could be your wife. Privacy means nothing these days, we don't know who might be dialing into our heads.

I used to be able to identify the voices, but lately, they're starting to sound alike. We need a little section of the brain, just behind our eyelids, where the name of the caller is displayed. Just close your eyes and read the name. The devil? Say a Hail Mary, quick.

Ouch! Who did that!?

melanerpes, Jun 23 2001



       Future Son of Sam's will have to "Delete: All?" lists on a regular basis if they hope to avoid incriminating themselves.
iuvare, Jun 23 2001

       Better yet, have a hotlist of your favorite voices with options such as block sender and send instant message...
RobertKidney, Jun 23 2001

       Classic, melanerpes. The mental answering machine message says, "Sorry, I'm out of my head just now but if you leave a message I'll hear it when the sedatives wear off..."
Dog Ed, Jun 23 2001

       Can I get call forwarding with that?
phoenix, Sep 18 2001

       would this only work for people with skitzophrenia (sp?)?
eddidaz, Apr 07 2002

       It's okay if these guys are all dialling in, but what happens if they reverse the charges?!?!?
gizmo_man, Jun 19 2002

       You'd need a filter to block spam in your head.
Matty, Jun 21 2002

       steveJ: So it's okay for you to poke fun at one mental illness (bulimia) but not okay for other people to make jokes about another (schitzophrenia)? I'm sorry about your friend, but the vast majority of schitzophrenics are likely to harm no one except perhaps themselves. Much like bulimics.
pottedstu, Jun 21 2002

       hot debate... i am a schizophrenic (n.b. sp.) who hears voices - most of mine would be "generic northern woman" or "Bill Burroughs" all are a little bit terrifying to accept but the association of schizophrenia with violence towards other people is wrong [see literature from MIND or the NSF and then talk about it] - most of the voices incite to self harm if anything
laur3nce, Jun 22 2002

       We need a marked for deletion filter that will prevent anyone marking an idea for deletion simply because they had a bad experience with something related to the idea. Like True Self Canceling Blinker.
Amishman35, Jun 23 2002

       As a voice who often speaks directly to people's minds, I have to say that that is a great idea. it will give me much more time to put ideas into minds if they can screen those damn telemarketing voices.
loke, Jun 24 2002

       I'd like to order mine with speakerphone, please.   

       And, [loke]: if you must speak directly to my grey matter, please restrict your comments to things that are logical and useful. Singing 'Funiculi, Funicula' is neither logical nor useful, particularly when you use those damn tambourines for accompaniment ...
1percent, Jun 25 2002

       While we are at it, call waiting would be nice, at three in the morning, when all the voices are competing for attention (I guess that means I have conference calling?)
senatorjam, Aug 17 2002

       OK, OK, I have to ask--which God? That Judeo-Christian one that made Jehoram's bowels fall out day by day until he was destroyed (Chronicles 21:18-19), or one of the Hindu chappies, or perhaps a Wiccan hermaphrodite God/dess with horns on? You do know that Wicca was invented by Gerald Gardner (with massive cribbing from Aleister Crowley and the Freemasons) in the 1940s and early 1950s, and therefore is about as "ancient" as jet aircraft, don't you?   

       Or perhaps you think it's only your subconscious giving you some hot tips on your future timepath, I dunno. But all kidding aside, I am always curious about others' view of the Universe, Life, and Everything.
Dog Ed, Aug 17 2002

       Yes, Mephista, I was speaking to you. But now I have to deal with a lot of little girls who want ponies, so you'll have to get by on your own. And stop smoking.
pfperry, Aug 17 2002

       These conversations with the piece of mind referred to as God, Mephista: Were there other conversations? External or internal dialogue? Were they unsettling? Did they give you peace of mind?
thumbwax, Aug 18 2002

       If it's anything like the real caller ID they'll always be out of area anyway...
gniterobot, Aug 20 2002


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