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Licking Zoos

When petting is not enough.
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Wandering around the county fair yesterday, I came to a "petting zoo". Ordinarily, I avoid areas where animals are penned, but cloying sweetness was what I craved, so I stopped to watch. Gosh, those children and those baby animals were cute! But I noticed a little girl in the corner of the pen licking a bunny. Before I could ask her what they taste like, the ranger lady (petting policeperson?) came over and took the bunny away from her, causing her to cry. Her mother came over and an argument ensued. As I leaned over to hear the discussion, a llama came over and licked my face! Wow! It was very warm and wet and slippery. If I had had my razor, I could have shaved half my face. It seemed unfair to me that the ranger didn't come over and take me away from the llama. Anyhow, except for porcupines, why can't tots lick baby animals? Anyone who saw that bunny would want to lick it.
melanerpes, Aug 10 2001

(?) Bunny Recipes http://SOAR.Berkele...limpse?query=rabbit
Licking them *is* OK... [sirrobin, Aug 10 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why is this a watersport?
mrkillboy, Aug 10 2001

       [Melanerpes] - you are one disturbed individual.
Mayfly, Aug 10 2001

       Mmmm... fur... fleas...   

       No, no, no... Unless they were made of ice cream.
CoolerKing, Aug 10 2001

       There's good eatin' on one of them...
sirrobin, Aug 10 2001

       Will there be any of those halluginogenic toads?
angel, Aug 10 2001

       They'll be issued at the gate.
The Military, Aug 10 2001

       Use all available means to avoid ever being licked by a camel. I'm serious about that, but it reminds me...
beauxeault, Aug 10 2001

       "A moose once licked my sister."
beauxeault, Aug 10 2001

       If petting zoos taste anything like they smell, no thanks.
bookworm, Aug 11 2001

       did YOU want to lick the bunny?
panthaz paradise, Aug 12 2001

       Silly rabbit! Licks are for kids.
The Military, Aug 12 2001

       I think it ought to be OK to lick animals in a licking zoo as long as the animals are allowed to return the favor although many of them (snapping turtles, starfish, turkey vultures) are not really licky sorts. Probably some animals that are puzzled by the human habit of touching with the hands would find licking more acceptable. Isn't it brutal and insensitive of us to impose our silly primate modes of interaction on other species? Perhaps we should also nuzzle animals that understand nuzzling, and sniff animals that sniff each other in greeting. I draw the line at investigating bungholes, though.
Dog Ed, Aug 13 2001

       beauxeault, hey! who are you callin' a moose?
love of carnage, Oct 04 2001

       How about just a place where one could go to get licked by a llama?
mrthingy, Oct 04 2001

       Llamas also tend to spit green juice into people's faces - I saw this once. Not a pretty sight.
TeaTotal, Dec 22 2001

       Ever lick camel toes?
thumbwax, Feb 13 2002

       Sounds very dangerous.
mcscotland, Feb 13 2002

       Hasn't everyone?
angel, Feb 13 2002

       evidently I'm missing out on something here
kaz, Feb 13 2002

       You missed a cunning display of lingual prowess.
bristolz, Feb 14 2002

       Ba-dum tsshhhh!
waugsqueke, Feb 14 2002

       Mmmm... rabbit fur.... mmmmm....
funky_monkey, Jul 15 2002

       Until thumbwax's comment I was thinking of hairballs.
squigbobble, May 14 2005


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