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Bubblewrap repair kit

Reverse poppage
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Bubblewrap lasts forever in land fills. Might at well use it forever and never toss it. This is a hypodermic needle with exactly enough sealant to coat the inside of a bubble, and exactly enough air to inflate it. Insert, squirt the sealant, squirt the air, pull out needle, hole closes up, ta-da...

If you just can't resist popping them over and over, of course, the bubble will eventually fill up with sealant. When a whole sheet fills up, use as doormat.

melanerpes, Apr 17 2001

Virtual bubblewrap http://www.urban75.com/Mag/bubble.html
[beauxeault, Apr 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       you'll have to answer to the people who mistake the hypodermic needles for heroine and inject themselves with plastic sealant and air.
tkeyser, Apr 17 2001

       No you won't.
jutta, Apr 17 2001

       After spending all that time popping the annoying stuff, why on earth would you want to pump it all back up again?
DrBob, Apr 17 2001

       Heroine addicts should always inject material into bubble wrap before trying it on themselves. If the bubble remains limp, it's safe to shoot up.   

       Have you no hobbies, DrBob?
melanerpes, Apr 18 2001

       Are we going to have some other widget to allow us to repair/reuse the little bubble-repair syringes?
wiml, Apr 18 2001

       Heroine addicts: Tomb Raider players, Barbara Streisand fans, compulsive Charlies' Angels rerun watchers, those who voted for Hillary Clinton even after she dominated the White House . . .
Monkeylawyer, Apr 18 2001

       If we are going to split heroines, an "addict" would have to be someone who is more than a mere player, fan, or voter.... Stronger words must accompany these descriptions to indicate "addiction." "Compulsive" begins the task....   

       (besides that, "heroine" is no longer an acceptable term -- the non-gender-specific "protagonist" is now the preferred term)   

       To these ends: Female Protagonist Addicts:   

       Obsessive Tomb Raider players/devotees Barbara Streisand fanatics Hilary Clinton groupies   

globaltourniquet, Apr 18 2001

       Keep bubble-wrap out of landfills? One word: Edible.
Dog Ed, Apr 18 2001

       Just market "virtual bubblewrap:" a small electronic device that looks like bubble wrap.   

       But when you "pop" one of the bubbles, the bubble doesn't break, instead, it makes a simulated bubble popping sound.   

       Other variants of this product make various other sounds such as explosions, barking dogs, chirping birds, fire trucks, etc. There would also be other "virtual bubblewraps" that needed to be virtually fed regularly, etc.   

       And of course, this will relieve you of the need to pop the "real" bubble wrap in the first place.   

       Or else make a suit out of bubble wrap and wear it to the Burning Man festival: a great way to meet people.
Op, Apr 18 2001

       Believe it or not, virtual bubblewrap is baked (see link).
beauxeault, Apr 18 2001

       So much for getting any work done today.
Op, Apr 18 2001

       I checked the bubblewrap recycling site. Requires you to mail in bubblewrap. How can I protect it during shipping?
melanerpes, Apr 18 2001

       Pack it in plastic polystyrene packaging peanuts, old newspaper and/or black tar heroin.
Rusty, Apr 18 2001

       melanerpes: If I did, do you think I'd be still sitting here at this time of night?
DrBob, Apr 18 2001

       edible bubble wrap! YUMmy. bubble wrap repair kits would definitely bring more zing back into retired bubblewrap clothes. great idea.
bubblegrrl79, May 19 2003


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