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Rock skipping

Bounce rocks off water
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"Stream" would be like old Slip-n-Slide with 6 inch walls. Roll out, fill with water, skip rocks off surface. Sonic device accurately counts touches (we'll call them Opies) and displays counts. Points for number of Opies, distance after minimum (3) Opies. Bonus throw if taw bounces out end of run onto "base". No man-made taws. Special events--round taws, heavy taws.

Could develop into golf(ugh)-like ranges. Pick up a bucket of rocks and head out to the range.

melanerpes, Apr 16 2001

Halfbakery: Stone Skipping as an Opympic Event http://www.halfbake...ea/olympic_20events
[jutta, Apr 16 2001]


       Six inch HIGH, not thick. Little flat rocks. Oyster shells work pretty good, too.   

       Is baked and halfbaked both, though.
StarChaser, Apr 17 2001

       I can see it working, though, for people obsessed with stone-skipping and no water nearby. At sportsman shows fly-casting demonstrations use a long narrow portable pool similar to your idea. Hook an electric motor with a gearbox and eccentric cam to one end of the pool to generate waves for higher difficulty. Demonstrations of "stunt skipping"... lots of possiblities.
Dog Ed, Apr 17 2001

       When I was five I remember being yelled at by a red faced motorist who took exception to our entertaining past-time of trying to skip rocks under passing cars. We didn't always make it, but we did get quite good before retirement from the sport.   

       Perhaps for the waterless version of the sport this could be an option.
RobGraham, Apr 17 2001

       I like the idea of skipping rocks under passing cars. Will try out, tomorrow. Also, next fly-casting demonstration, I'm attending, and I'm taking rocks.
melanerpes, Apr 17 2001

       RobGraham: Why does it have to be waterless? I'm gonna try skipping rocks under passing boats.
beauxeault, Apr 17 2001


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