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Discovered halfbakery when I suggested openideas.org to Keith Dawson's Irregulars (http://www.tbtf.com/the-irregulars.html). Keith found haflbakery on memepool. openideas was conceived as software/website-oriented and having a balance of idea sharing, critique, and implementation launching. Now that jutta's added voting, it's getting close. I really dig halfbakery!

I created Quick Topic (http://www.quicktopic.com) and I'm very interested in all kinds of web-based collaboration and community-building.

dontthink suggested profile annotations (http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Halfbakery_20Suggestion_20-_3eProfile_20Annotation). Here's one for me:


[Mar 05 2000, last modified Mar 04 2000]

(+10, -13) Ad-funded house
(+42, -6)(+42, -6)(+42, -6) Babbage Drum Machine
(+9)(+9) Band Name Service
(+8)(+8) Book Content Search
(+3) BushGore
(+16, -3)(+16, -3) Charity Banner Portal
(+4, -1) Conference call animator
(+1, -7)(+1, -7) Darwinian brain cell theory
(+5) Dictophane
(+6) Domain Name Generator
(+4, -1) Gnash Detector
(+2) halfbakery channel
 Observations on votes
(+22, -4)(+22, -4) Socializing subway car
(+5, -1) Street Bop
(+25, -6)(+25, -6) The Don't-watch TV Channel
(+5, -1) Ticket-taking sound effects
(+7, -4) Wave to the Workers

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