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Observations on votes

All TV ideas have postive votes; all philosophy ideas have negative votes.
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All TV ideas have postive votes; all philosophy ideas have negative votes. Is this because TV is so easy to improve upon, and philosophy is damn hard stuff? (probably not, but it's a starting point).

Are there other interesting patterns?

BTW, I don't think of this as an idea, just a forum for discussion. Hope that's OK with the bakesperson.

syost, Jul 28 2000


       This is what I was writing about just a minute ago!   

       People will find meta-patterns in the database. We should write programs to find these patterns. We're growing the next level of intelligence in here.   

       The ultimate goal is to make this database self-aware, so you can make it into an idea generator and send it to work in your place.   

       Thing 1
Thing 1, Aug 13 2000

       For me the goal's just mental masturbation.
bookworm, Aug 15 2000

       Just what the world needs: a baked/2 AI. Your goal seems to be efficiency (Thing_1). Were an AI to comprehend the lunatic nature of this site, you might actually have constructed a successful Turing Machine.
Scott_D, Aug 16 2000

       Oh my god, a successful Turing Machine! That *would* be quite a breakthrough.
egnor, Aug 16 2000


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