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The Don't-watch TV Channel

TV channel's programming suggests better things to do with your time.
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TV is a huge waste of time (sure, sometimes we like to waste a little time). We need a TV channel that suggests things to do when we don't have the energy to pore through the local events calendar.

Could be a combination of local events programming and general suggestions, but geared to the current time of day. Book reviews too. At 11:30 p.m. it might say "visit halfbakery.com and suggest something".

Success would be measured by bursty but widespread watching by an intelligent, active audience -- the otherwise-hard-to-reach-with-ads crowd.

I don't watch TV; maybe this already exists.

syost, Jul 19 2000

TVCream http://www.tv.cream.org/
UK TV nostalgia site for hippo. Listen to the theme tune from "Why Don't You..." [Lemon, Jul 19 2000]


       Why would you use TV for this?
egnor, Jul 19 2000

       It's the lowest-viewer-energy/highest-bandwidth medium. When I'm really low and need a kick in the pants, I don't have enough self-organizing principle handy to use any other medium. TV, the spoon-feeder of the intellect, catches us then; this gives it a chance to turn us around instead of just pandering to that state.
syost, Jul 19 2000, last modified Jul 21 2000

       I changed the name from The Elsewhere Channel to The Don't-watch TV Channel; thought it was more descriptive.
syost, Jul 19 2000

       There used to be a programme on Children's Television in the UK called "Why don't you turn off your television and go and do something more interesting instead?". Does anyone else remember this?
hippo, Jul 20 2000

       Sadly, I too spent large chunks of my school holidays watching "Why dont you...?". I guess I just didn't get the message.   

       I couldn't find a specific link for WDY but for other old favourites try http://www.sausagenet.co.uk/
DrBob, Jul 21 2000

       Interesting - all the ideas about TV have votes in positive territory. Is it because we like TV or because TV is so bad that any idea is an improvement on it?
syost, Jul 24 2000

       Actually, this is an excellent idea. For instance, many cities have things going on that nobody knows about like art exhibits, concerts. It could be a cultural channel that also suggests regular things. "It's 85 degrees today, and it's great weather to fly a kite." To make money, advertisers could advertise things that encourage people to leave their houses, like bike shops, sports stores, etc.
lockle, Aug 15 2000

       Local Amsterdam TV has little segments sponsored by the city's cultural tickets agency (Amsterdam Uit Buro). Not only high culture, I also get to see segments about rave parties and whatever. It never works instantly for me though. At best it gives me ideas on what to do the upcoming days. I then phone people if they want to join me. I hardly watch TV though.
rrr, Aug 15 2000

       i'm with a cable company called ntl (don't know how well known they are outside the uk and ireland) and in dublin they show the local event calender on 'dud channels' (you know, when a channel doesn't start until a certain time ). sort of a 'don't watch TV channel'
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 22 2000

       Turn off the TV. Pop in a CD of your choice. Earth: Pentastar/In the style of Demons gets me busybusybusy. While the progrock Faust has a narcotic effect.
thumbwax, Sep 22 2000

       My God! So there IS somebody else out there who listens to Earth.
Jim, Sep 24 2000

       EVERY channel in the UK on a sunday on Sky Digital (about 70) makes me want to switch off and do something more interesting instead....like watch my underwear dry on the washing line....
Haemavore, Sep 24 2000

       Couch potatoes might feel energised to go and do something worthwhile - this idea would only work short-time though, but hopefully that murdoch would go bankrupt because of it.
iain, Oct 24 2000

       As a couch potato, I would probably just watch the channel. It is too hard to get up and go to the fridge as it is.
amjenni, Feb 17 2001

       I think amjenna is correct, it probably would be a popular channel. People would gravitate to it knowing they did not want to watch tv but were unable to turn it off.   

       However this channel is about as improbable as the next suggestion for the Halfbakery being: Stop wasting time posting and commenting half-baked ideas and do something useful.
Rusty, Apr 18 2001

       I think it would be really good to have the TV default to the station if Weather permitting every 30 minutes or every hour except at night time. and then if you watch it during the day, every 2 hours it would turn off and refuse to come back on for 3o minutes or an hour. And it should offer things to see or places to go to meet people. Or at least insult people and tell them to bring thier exercise equipment into the TV room.
LightDemonCodeHunter, Dec 31 2004

       how about an actively running counter that ticks down the time to perfect picnic conditions?
Bighongry, May 11 2006

       I wish my TV would pop up a black screen just before the commercial that said "You Said You Were Going To Do the Dishes During The Commerical -- NOW GO DO IT"   

       I think that would get me to do it.
phundug, Jun 30 2007

       or just have something to do? (job) but [+] great idea
evilpenguin, Jun 30 2007


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