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halfbakery channel

Create a halfbakery channel for my.netscape.com and my.userland.com
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my.netscape.com and my.userland.com (and others) allow their users to define a custom page that gathers new content from other cooperating web sites daily. The other web sites cooperate with this process by making new content available in the RSS format (RDF Site Summary -- gotta love those two-level acronyms).
syost, Mar 05 2000

How to create a Netscape channel http://my.netscape....elp/quickstart.html
[syost, Mar 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Lots more on RSS http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/rss.html
[syost, Mar 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Halfbakery as RSS 0.91 http://www.halfbake...om/index-rss091.xml
This description is downloaded periodically by the portals. [jutta, Mar 05 2000]

Halfbakery as RSS 1.0 http://www.halfbakery.com/index-rss10.xml
If you use this and run into problems with it, send email. [jutta, Mar 05 2000]


jutta, Mar 05 2000

       Damn, you're fast! I see some blogs are picking up the channel addition at my.userland.com too.
syost, Mar 06 2000

       And there's always avantgo, with which you could d/l the contents of halfbakery daily (or, Palm VII in hand, any time) to whatever link depth you choose (2 should suffice).
jplummer, Mar 15 2000

       In the short term, having accurate header information about what changed in an updated link would be hard. (I need to implement a transaction log first.) In the mid term, I agree that it would be useful.
jutta, Mar 15 2000

       I just learned that Netscape/AOL has discontinued their RSS 0.91 support, and has reduced its formerly user-extensible list of offerings to about a dozen lowest-common denominators that, naturally, do not include the halfbakery. This was a conscious decision by Netscape - the RSS inclusion was too expensive to maintain and didn't really bring in any money.   

       I thought it was a cool feature, but Netscape is certainly entitled to make business decisions. All the better for my.userland, I guess.   

       (Amusingly, somewhere at Netscape a process is still running that dutifully sends me e-mail whenever my RSS file becomes inaccessible - such as during the latest database changeover. The e-mail then mentions a support page that no longer exists, and I doubt anyone read my reply to them pointing this out.)
jutta, Aug 02 2001

       An idea from the dawn of halftime, when lampposts and toffee trees sprang from the earth at the whim of the Creatrix.
spidermother, Feb 10 2012


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