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I'm not psychic or anything, but when I cut a slice off a block of cheese, I do often have a premonition - you might say a mystical vision - of my eating it.

My email in the format LetterWordLetter@Compoundword.Suffix


Last cleaning 2005-1-31

[Dec 11 2004, last modified Feb 01 2005]

(+1) 3 Layer Lens Cleaner
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) An even more mechanical mechanical pencil
(+1) Backpacker's Multi-Pliers
(+2) CAD/graphics accessory for Tablets
(+4) Camping Battery Charger
(+4, -1) Circus Ape Cars
(+3) Expiring Annotations
(+5) Heat Seeking Ashtray
 Key Tether Jacket
(+6, -1) Leaning Cargo Truck
(+2) MP3 Player Pedometer Statistics
(+2) Plastic Forming Mitts
(+1) Poor Man's Digital Joystick
(+3, -1) Quasi-Edible Blister Packs
(-2) Radio Car Scrabble
(+2, -3) Redundant illustration links
(+1) Remote controlled Rocket Propellor
(+2, -1) Single Pipe Community Infrastructure
(+8)(+8) Sneezoo
(-1) Standoff Batteries
(+1) Utilitarian Elastic Ribbing
(+1) Wiggling USB cable bits

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