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Circus Ape Cars

Linkable one occupant, one wheeled vehicle
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A one occupant capsule with two arms, which sits either over or inside a wheel. I like inside, but it would be larger and more difficult to spring.

For parking and short commutes, push yourself along hand-over hand. For longer trips, power up the main wheel. The hands can each hold small unpowered wheel for a higly manuverable trike, or can function like halteres.

For group trips, the hands function as a data and power coupling, for one wheel drive bikes and trikes, and two wheel drive cars. When more than four units are linked, the arms can lock in position to for a sort of arch, minimizing rolling friction.

Lots of aftermarket potential here; gas generator wheelbarrows, off-roading gloves, hands which allow you to flip the bird.

Rethinking this, I would make it a two occupant cabin, with a bench seat.

tiromancer, Dec 15 2004

A cunning picture http://tiromancer.e...m/circusmobile.html
...which has been posted. It's marvellous. [tiromancer, Dec 15 2004]


       You have a powerful vision here, [tiro]. I predict a cavalcade of baked goods if you can draw a cunning picture and post it here.
bungston, Dec 15 2004

       Possibly, I can handle "cunning" in conjunction with either "draw" or "post", but not likely both.   

       No, acutally, cunning is out of the question.
tiromancer, Dec 15 2004

tiromancer, Dec 15 2004

       Bravo! Excellent!
bungston, Dec 15 2004

       Lookin' good.
FarmerJohn, Dec 15 2004


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