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Key Tether Jacket

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Except in midsummer, I always take a jacket with me whenever I leave the house. I live in a cold, wet place, so if you’re in a more habitable area, you can skip this one. Likewise for people who never lose their keys.

Right now my keys are on a cord, which is about the right length to suspend them in my pocket. It used to be an adjustable cord, but that didn’t work out; now, opening the door is a very personal experience. Also, when I change my pants, I often forget to transfer my keys.

A roomy, uninsulated, waterproof jacket is a good candidate for three season duty, and should therefore be the safest place for keys. In a pocket though, even a zippered pocket, they are too easy to lose. There is no place on any jackets I have seen to attach a tether which is long enough to reach a lock comfortably, and will not tangle in the pocket.

One way to do this is to anchor a strip of Velcro to the elbow. The loops would run along the sleeve from elbow to armpit, where there would be a little key pocket.

Another way would be to run a longer tether along the side of the coat. Anchored at the bottom, it could share the previously mentioned pocket, which is pretty much it for a waist length coat. A longer coat could be set up to allow the tether to anchor at the armpit. Carried this way, the tether could be plain nylon web sitting in a zippered channel, with no pocket needed.

tiromancer, Dec 29 2004

Illustration http://www.wrightwo....com/news/WWPO8.JPG
[tiromancer, Dec 29 2004]


       It's going to be difficult to drive your car with the keys tethered to your elbow or armpit.
jurist, Dec 29 2004

       I totally failed to consider that. Do people keep all the keys together?   

       I suppose you can keep you car key on a small carabiner, or the bottom tether. At least, this would be a good place for a spare.   

       How DO you manage not to lose your car keys?
tiromancer, Dec 29 2004

       [a cold wet place], it sounds like the same damn planet I've been stuck on for the past year, here in Mars Alamo.
mensmaximus, Dec 29 2004


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