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Radio Car Scrabble

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This game is played on large checkered board. Each white square has a letter in it; each black square is a backspace. A four wheeled vehicle sits on the board. Each wheel is controlled by a different player. A player has three controls: one to change the wheel’s orientation, one to drive the wheel, and one to select the square which the wheel currently occupies. Scoring is as in Scrabble, but the letters cannot be rearranged.

(This was conceived of as a board game, but it would obviously be easier to implement as a computer game. So, instead of a car, think a square, where each player controls a corner with the mouse. Although, I suppose it could all be done with 3D models.)

*** Board Variations:

Greater representation of more common letters

Greater representation of higher scoring letters

Use selections from famous literature

Bonus round square: game play is suspended, player earn points for words made from the letters they have accumulated

Vicious square: temporarily disables another players wheel and/or ability to select

Berserk square: random motion of one or more wheels, and/or random selection

Safety square: Protects a player’s controls from the two previous events. My protect only one function (orientation control, dive control, or selection)

*** Play variations:

Players select the letter under someone else’s wheel

Bonus points for forming sentences

Players must call the words or sentences they will form before play begins

Limit wheel power to for a handicap

Team play: two players add letters to the same string

tiromancer, Jan 02 2005


       i don't get it. i do like scrabble, though.
mjoy0, Jan 03 2005

       Seems like the car's four wheels would always be pointing in different directions and it would never go anywhere.
phundug, Jan 03 2005


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