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Leaning Cargo Truck

Depriving deer and foxes of free Pepsi
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A normal shipping container sits in a frame which is supported top and center at the ends. Each support is a pair of hydraulic pistons. During a turn, the outside pistons extend, shifting the cargo toward the inside of the turn, and tilting the container. If this isn’t enough to keep the cargo in place, the frame may be connected so as to swing freely.
tiromancer, Dec 31 2004

Tilt Trains http://www.o-keating.com/hsr/tilt.htm
physics is sound, not so sure about application on road transporters... [ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 02 2005]


FarmerJohn, Jan 01 2005

       A bit complex maybe, but it's a sound concept. [+]
5th Earth, Jan 01 2005

       The name of this idea reminded me of the famous Penn and Teller trick, in which Teller had the wheels of a truck go over him. The truck was actually weighted to one side; the wheels that run Teller over were hollow rubber.
spiritualized, Jan 02 2005

       This would look nice - another way to do it would be to make the truck steering the consequence of tilting the load (the truck would have to be fitted with giant skateboard axles) rather than the other way round.
hippo, Jan 02 2005

       The concept of 'active roll' has been around for a while. The problems could be: 1) if the system fails, it could tilt the wrong way and cause the truck to turn over. 2) The power requirement would be substantial, as it is always acting against the prevailing forces. 3) AN experiment by GM (I think) in the 1960's had a car fitted with suspension which provided roll into a bend. The test driver reported that the car felt like it was on rails, right up to the moment when it barrel rolled off the test track! In short, it is difficult to make such a system stable without complex control.
Twizz, May 24 2006


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