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Nose plugs with rotors in them, which make a whirring noise. Washable/disposable. They may have the additional benefit of slowing down your nasal output.

I'm not sure that the device which inspired this is actually a kazoo. It's cylindrical, with a rotor in it, and makes noise. I have no idea how the broken-kayak shaped kazoos work.

tiromancer, Jan 01 2005


       //They may have the additional benefit of slowing down your nasal output.//. A proud and spurious boast.
Personally, I'm in it for the noise. Wasn't this in those rings you could get with the spinny wwwhhhHHHEEEEEEE! thang?
gnomethang, Jan 01 2005

       Relax. It's not a kazoo at all. Kazoos are basically a reed instrument with a membrane vibrating and no spinning parts.   

       [+] for the image I get of kids carring around the sneezoo and when they are about to sneeze, jamming it up to their noses to get the effect. Or wearing it around full time during the cold & flu season.
sophocles, Jan 18 2005

       I was pondering these devices. They would not necessarily be limited to the nose. Any windy orifice could emply them to good effect.
bungston, Feb 07 2009


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